Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ask the Youth Department-January 2017

Question: What is one way you like to use technology with youth?

Pam-I like to let youth explore on their own with technology, but in a meaningful and educational way. This is why I like facilitating our Kids Who Code class on Thursday afternoons. They learn beginner computer programming at their own speed and level.

Rachelle-I like to encourage families to use a face-to-face app with toddlers and preschoolers. Using technology in this way encourages language development and conversational skills. Encourage the person on the other end to be expressive, enunciate, and engaged.

Stephanie-One way I like to use technology with kids is playing together. Kids want their screen time so let’s make it family time. We build bonds and technology can be a great tool to teach good sportsmanship. If we’re using online games or app, I use it as an opportunity to talk about internet safety. Best part, you are showing an interest in what they like.