Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ask the Youth Department-March 2017

Q: What suggestion(s) do you have for parents of children who do not like to read?

Pam-Let the kids have choice in what they read.  They will be more motivated if the subject is something they like or are interested in.  Ensure that the book is near the child’s reading level so he/she dos not get too frustrated.  Make a cozy, fun place for your child to read in, and have it be used only for reading. 
Stephanie-It can be tough to get them into reading. Find books on what they are interested in. Make a blanket tent and read together, make it fun and they will want to read with you!

Rachelle-With kids, kindergarten up, I like to find a funny chapter book and read it as a family. Books with great graphics help too! I also suggest reading something besides books. Try magazines, comics or graphic novels, or newsletters.