Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ask the Youth Department

Which material collection, in the Youth Department, do you wish patrons knew more about?

Pam-I'd like them to know about our recent acquisition of books about STEM--Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. They cover a wide range of important concepts and people who are changing our world.

Stephanie-I’d like them to know about backpacks. Backpacks hold many wonders. There are a wide range of topics and characters to choose from, like art, Dr. Seuss, weather, the United States and so many more. In these backpacks you’ll find books, puzzles, learning toys, and interactive elements. Backpacks check out for 1 week and are located outside the castle in the youth department.

Rachelle-I wish more patrons knew about our Parenting Collection. It's housed in the Youth Department next to the kids puppet show area. It's a little hidden, but full of great topics from common concerns like picky eaters, potty training, and restless sleepers; to more serious and difficult topics like death of a loved one, behavioral disorders, and coping during a divorce.