Saturday, February 16, 2019

Teddy Bear Sleepover!

The Teddy Bear Sleepover was so much fun! Thank you to all that attended. Overnight, the stuffed animals went on some interesting adventures and got into a little bit of trouble. Please click on the following link to see photos of what the stuffed animals were up to last night at the library. If you were unable to pick up your stuffed animal or would like a pamphlet with photos of their adventures, drop by the Youth Desk!

The Youth Staff also delighted in reading the completed Teddy Bear Sleepover Permission Slips. Many children gave detailed instructions as to how to take care of their stuffed animals telling us their bedtimes and their favorite snacks. For example, the Ariel doll's favorite snack was soggy cupcakes and Freddy, the bear's bedtime was at 12:00 AM. That is pretty late for a Teddy. One child gave us a small backpack with instructions and supplies as to how to take care of her Teddy. It was adorable! These are just a few examples of how clever and imaginative children can be.